“Fuel / Water separator filter aplicable to separate diesel fuel from water and contaminant, now a days a lot of contaminated diesel fuel from water and dirt caused by tansportation movement. This filter is very useful product to maintain the durability of Injection Pump, Engine and fuel perfection.”

“Fuel /Water separator filter berfungsi memisahkan bahan bakar solar dari air dan kotoran yang pada zaman sekarang ini banyak terkontaminasi air dan kotoran yang di sebabkan pada saat pemindahan angkutan. Produk filter ini sangat berguna untuk menjaga keawetan Injection Pump & Engine serta kesempurnaan bahan bakar.”



  • 500 FH 30
  • 900 FH 30
  • 1000 FH 30
  • 2010 (PM/TM/SM)
  • 2020 (PM/TM/SM)
  • 2040 (PM/TM/SM)

  • Superiority :

  • Durable new single-bolt mounting bracket doubles resistance to vibration fatigue
  • The high grade aluminum components and compound polymer bowl mean that corrosion is never a worry
  • Resin-impregnated Aquabloc II media sheds water, keeps engines waterproof, rustproof, dirt proof
  • Polymer bowls are virtually indestructible and won’t discolor from exposure to alcohol, additives or UV light, a see-thru that stays see-thru
  • The engineered-polymer positive seal drain withstands impact and temperature extremes
  • A single twist makes draining clean, fast and easy