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Hengst Singapore - As of 01.09.2022 the immigration of Rexroth Hydraulic Filters has been finalized. Rexroth Hydraulic range covers a wide spectrum from mobile applications (construction, mining, farming) to stationary (hydraulic pumps, drills, oil & gass, power stations, palm oil production, factories in gerneral. etc)
Some details: Rexroth numbers will remain on PACKING and PRODUCT: R98xxxxxx Packing will be HENGST FILTER (Yellow/BLUE) + a “formally Rexroth” label. Production is approx. 3hrs apart from our central warehouse near Muenster and needs to be consolidated at your forwarder.

Is your ride immune to COVID19?

Lockdown is the most dreaded word during this global pandemic. Freedom is at stake and movement is monitored. We feel stifled by all the measures imposed on us….and indirectly our beloved ride. Ever imagine what is happening to a machine which was designed to move when it remains stationary for long period of time? Some frequent travelers may wave this aside and reckon a couple of precautions like disconnecting the battery, parking under a good shade will ensure a normal working car after a couple of weeks of sedentariness. But what if this is extended to a couple of months or more?
Just like our body, inactivity spells trouble for our health. Weaken muscles, stiff joints, a weaker heart, etc. It may not be apparent on your truck, but if we take a closer look, an equally elusive pandemic might be brewing within your ride.

So what can possibly go wrong? For starters, moisture build up will lead to a host of concerns:

1. Fuel tank: During the warm day the tank expands and contracts during the cool night, wet air gets sucked into the tank and condenses on the cool tank internal surface. Water in fuel will lead to poor combustion, damage to the fuel pump, corrosion to the tank, bacterial growth and hydrolock.

What to do:

- Drain the fuel tank and let it dry - Replace fuel filter as a wet filter does not provide a proper filtration - Add fuel additives to introduce corrosion inhibitors and separate emulsified water - Drain the water collector in the fuel system

2. Mould growth: Damp air circulating within the car leads to further condensation within the cabin. Without the dry air from the air conditioner, mould can thrive and spread on damp surfaces. Most mould can be wiped off quite easily with a cloth but in hidden areas like the air conditioning system, more needs to be done.

What to do:

- Wipe clean all the visible mould - Spray disinfectant while running the air con - Sun baked your car under the sun - Replace the cabin air filter, preferably with anti microbial layer

We now know that moisture can cause concerns for a long sitting car. Conversely, when there is lack of it, or more specifically lubrication other problems will spring up too. When a truck runs, the engine oil is circulated around the engine, coolant runs through the cooling system and gears gets lubricated and dirt/contaminant removed. However when a car sits too long in the yard, the fluids stagnate and a second wave crashes in.

3. Dried up seals/ gaskets: Rubber seals are susceptible to excessive weather like the sun and the cold. The effect of these harmful agents are compounded by the absence of lubricating fluid that keeps them moist when a car runs. Seals and gasket may dry up, becomes brittle and crack resulting in leakage or permits foreign agents like moisture and mould to enter the system. Coolants, engine oil, brake fluids are all sealed within their respective boundaries and these are crucial functions of a vehicle which needs to be checked.

What to do: - Check the seals and replace if necessary - Top up or replace the brake fluid, coolant and engine oil

4. Stagnant oil and coolant: These circulating lubricants are not meant to be stagnant. They need to be circulating and when they are not, the system they are servicing may suffer. Cooling internals may corrode and coolant properties may degrades the next times it runs again as it picks up more contaminants. Engine oil is laden with metal particles, soot, and some traces of fuel. They do not get burnt off by a running engines when the car is parked. The contaminants becomes sludge as they coagulate in the oil. The next time the engine runs again, the cleaning and lubricating function might end up scarring and contaminating the engine.

What to do: - Flush the cooling and oil system - Replace coolant and engine oil - Replace the oil and coolant filters

There might be other stagnant car related problems not mentioned in this article, so for an assured and comprehensive assessment, drop by a trusted workshop for a multi point check up.

Always start driving slow after a long lock down. The car and driver may need some time to adjust again back to the normal routine. Keep a good safety distance and look out for any abnormal behavior.

Hengst gives a shout-out: “Stay safe drivers and non-drivers alike.”

News Product

More protection - Hengst new fuel filters

Sistem injeksi untuk mesin bensin dan diesel modern merespons secara sensitif terhadap kotoran terkecil dalam bahan bakar. Filter bahan bakar Hengst dapat menahan tekanan tinggi sebagai hasil dari pemesinan yang presisi dan berkualitas tinggi serta memastikan kinerja filter yang optimal dan tingkat pemurnian tertinggi.

Filter bahan bakar terbaru dalam program Hengst E488KP D459 dan E458KP D368 untuk semua aplikasi diesel mobil penumpang Mercedes-Benz saat ini dilengkapi dengan pemisahan air tiga tahap. Filter berbeda dalam media filter meskipun desainnya sama. Karena dua jenis mesin yang berbeda dengan sistem injeksi yang berbeda, filter memiliki media filter yang berbeda dan tidak dapat dipertukarkan. E488KP D459 tahan tekanan injeksi hingga 2.500 bar dengan efisiensi pemisahan 99,7% dan E458KP D368 dirancang untuk 2.000 bar dengan efisiensi pemisahan partikel 95%. Karena itu sangat penting bahwa Anda menggunakan elemen filter yang benar.

Hengst Engine Oils and Lubricants

Kualitas Tinggi untuk performa mesin yang sempurna oli mesin dan pelumas Hengst terbuat dari oli dasar berkualitas tinggi, dengan aditif paling maju untuk memastikan kinerja engine yang sempurna.


• High-filtration efficiency > 90% @25µ
• Water Separation Efficiency > 98%
• Combined cellulose-synthetic media
• Bio-diesel compliant Replacement available: UFI 24.035.01 Applications: MAN Expected trucks on road by 2020: > 180.000


• High-filtration efficiency > 95% @4µ
• Bio-Diesel compliant
• Robust housing, lightweight construction
• Easy filter-element replacement
Replacement available: UFI 26.044.00 Applications: IVECO, NEW HOLLAND Expected trucks on road by 2020: > 170.000


• High-filtration efficiency > 99,5% @12µ
• Robust housing, burst pressure > 35 bar
• Multi-layer pleated filter-media
• Lightweight construction
Replacement available: UFI 25.111.00 Applications: IVECO, NEW HOLLAND Expected trucks on road by 2020: > 170.000


• Stainless-steel oil-coolant heat exchanger • High-filtration efficiency > 99,5% @12µ
• Robust housing, burst pressure > 20 bar
• Multi-layer pleated filter-media
• Lightweight construction
Replacement available: UFI 23.572.00 Applications: FORD Expected trucks on road by 2020: > 80.000